Event livestreaming is something often deployed during conferences, award shows and events. We’ll focus on the most important aspect here, namely what happens in front of the camera. In this regard, content, staging, flow, light, sound and the interaction with the public are vital.

To create the best livestream results, we make sure to be closely involved with the organization and optimization of the different aspects of the event. We also work with professional crews and companies. This includes suppliers who we often work with, the preferred suppliers of our clients or a combination of the two.


We can broadcast a client’s content on any desired platform such as Youtube, Facebook or Livestream player. It is also easy to embed the webcast in their website.


If desired, we can create an edited video within a few hours of the event. In this way, we can extend the length and the value of the live content by way of well-constructed montages of video and sound. Clients can opt for a “clean” version of the original recording or a dynamically edited summary.

This is perfect for people who missed the event, as well as to help the client promote the event’s next edition.

We can also help explore ways to monetizing the content, both one-time or continuously.


  • Significantly boost the ROI of an event
  • Strengthen the brand and brand awareness
  • Offer services to those who could not be present
  • Create content for the promotion of the next instalment of the event
  • Make the video available for other marketing purposes
  • If so desired, monetize content